Monday, December 27, 2010

Reason no.857.

Aside from your smile, which lights my eyes when you walk into a room, here's another reason I love you so -

This morning, Monday, Christmas vacation still, Daddy home, too. You tiptoed to our door, closed it. I vaguely remember you holding out a container, asking is this plain yogurt, and then a little later I unscrewed the top from the strawberry jam.

And then there you were with bowls on our nightstands, and cups of water, too. Inside, a scoop of plain yogurt next to a dallop of the preserves, covered in granola and a lot of pepitas. The whole kitchen cleaned up, and you so very proud of yourself.

I love you!


Megan said...

Send her here, please! What a sweetheart.

Amy said...

Oh, I love her too! That is so sweet. . . you are raising yourself some amazing children my dear!

SanJosemommyof2 said...

How stinkin' sweet is that? Aww.. Love it