Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. A question from Alla: Does God have a wife?

2. A statement from Fisher: I'm going to draw an observation about your hay-er.

3. Fisher's up there in his nap singing, The more we get together, the happier we'll be.

4. Alla is currently sorting her ginormous stuffed animal basket. Not to give any away, mind you. No, they all have names and are very dear to her. She's just got this idea that the most important ones need to be in the basket that stays in her room and the others need to find a different place in the house.

5. Yesterday I went to the Mall of America.

6. What an adorable ornament idea!

7. Normally we eat between 6-6:30 and it takes forever and then it's straight to bath. Last night Fisher said he was starving so we ate around 5:30, it miraculously didn't take forever, and then the kids had time to play while the adults finished their drinks while lounging in the living room. It was quite nice.

8. We got 6-7 inches of snow on Saturday, and it is just beautiful around here.

9. I picked up stamps today for holiday cards!

10. Last week a new recycling can was delivered because the city has chosen a new contractor for our recycling as of the new year. The new one is blue, the old one is green. Fisher threw an all-out fit the morning it was delivered, screaming and crying for them to take it back. Ten minutes of protesting the new can. Thankfully, it seems to be over.


Mindi said...

3. When Z was that age, we sang that song a gajillion times at the dinner table (whilst holding hands).

7. And you thought we were crazy for eating at 5:30. There is a method to my madness, I tell you. :)

Megan said...

We always try to be sitting to eat by 5:30. It doesn't work every night but it just seems to be easier on the nights it works! What did you get at the Mall of America? Sounds like Fisher is into Sid the Science Kid. Jacob is investigating all the time!

pakosta said...

ava is a BIG stuffed animal lover toO! she has a "buddy of the night" and then it comes to school with her the next day! too CUTE!
how many does all have? does she have any webkinz? what's her favorite animal?!

Amy said...

I went to the Gallatin Valley Mall yesterday (nothing close to MoA, but it's our only mall)! And I bought stamps for our cards today and we got 6-7" of snow last Friday (and it's beautiful around here!).

Furthering our parallel life, we usually eat at 6:30ish, too, and it takes Hayden forever and then it's straight up to bed. Since it's dark by 5, I'm thinking it wouldn't be that bad to try to get dinner on the table earlier and have time to play afterwards. Definitely going to try that!

Susie said...

Ooh! I love that handprint idea. I think we need to make some, too! TFS!