Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Fisher always asks what's for dinner like this: What are we having for dinner night? I then generally do everything I can to pretend I didn't hear him so he'll say it again.

2. These measuring cups make me want to go out and buy little hooks for underneath a kitchen cabinet, just so I can display them.

3. I am nearly finished with ROOM, which I highly recommend.
4. Next up is The Passage, which Ron has been waiting for me to read since summertime, and which I hope I can finish before the new year. I have this weird thing about finishing a book before the first of the year so I can start fresh.
5. Alla picked up Happy Birthday, Moon at bedtime last night, and she read it to US!

6. Today was Fisher's last day of school before the Christmas break. When we go back in January, we'll go together on Tuesdays and then by himself on Thursdays! He's doing so well, I think he's ready for it.
7. I made beef stew for the first time this weekend, and it was super delicious. If you make this recipe, it is perfect for two adults and two children who've never had beef stew before and aren't inclined to try new things. However, if there are more adults joining you or you're expecting more saucy children, then definitely double it.
8. Did I forget to mention we were snowed in this weekend? I'm sure you've heard, but in case you haven't we got somewhere between 17-24 inches of snow on Saturday, which means that in some spots there were 2-3 foot drifts and that the pile at the corner of our lawn (hard to say that word in the middle of winter) is at least as tall as Ron. Fisher asked this morning if I could put him on top of that mountain.
9. The big snow definitely put a cramp in our plans to get a tree this weekend. Oh, well, it'll just be that much fresher for Christmas!
10. One of my last things on the Christmas to-do list is helping Alla and Fisher make their gifts for each other. Will have to show pictures of that process and finished products. It's the first year doing it, now that Fisher is old enough to help and also understand a little bit. I might be most excited for this aspect of Christmas!


Megan said...

I can't wait to see how the gifts go. I would like to see your recipe for the beef stew but it's linked to the Happy Birthday, Moon. That's a lot of snow. You know you could share a little of it. It doesn't feel like Christmas around here with all the brown yards and Pikes Peak not even being white. Maybe next week I'll get lucky with some white stuff!

jody said...

Oh, no...i missed my library rotation! I just got a book as a gift though, so i'm all set until you finish it :-) Also, I would like to look at the beef stew recipe, too...

Marie said...

My friend just got me those measuring cups and I keep them on my window sill-just too cute to put away!!

Cathy Bolander said...

Those are cute cups & I can't wait to see the gifts

Susie said...

I have ROOM on my bookshelf awaiting my time... can't wait (I saw it on Oprah's recommended reading list and it looks so amazingly interesting!)