Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. It's officially summer, I don't care what the calendar says. The thermometer says 103.

2. 103 isn't exactly the best bike-riding weather, but today was the day all the neighborhood kids were to ride to school, so we did. Not as bad at 8:45 when it's 80 degrees, a little sticky at high-noon when it's 18 degrees warmer.

3. 103 is also not the best baking weather, but there's a hot loaf of chocolate banana bread on our counter anyway.

4. School gets out tomorrow. I can't wait to add Alla back to our mornings. Fisher pummels her when we pick her up each day, saying I missed you over and over until she squeezes him back and tells him the same.

5. Yesterday was swimming and soccer for Alla, so needless to say she fell asleep instantly last night. This morning I said to Fisher, You guys must have been tired last night because we didn't hear a PEEP. Fisher responded, Yeah, I didn't have to PEE. That kid cracks me up.

6. I believe we're all caught up on season finales. Bummer. At least we have Friday Night Lights for a little while longer. And Army Wives for me.

7. I finally have my hands on the Newberry-winner Moon Over Manifest. So far, the perfect summer read.

8. Thursdays are going to be our movie day this summer, as our local theatre has their one dollar summer movies for kids! I took Alla the summer when she was two, and we went every week, she and I. That's when I knew how much she loved movies. She laughed and cried at all the appropriate parts and hated the one movie that summer that was truly bad. Fisher took a little longer to warm up but we've been taking him once a month to Daddy's work movies and he loves that, so I think we're all set for Thursday mornings. Especially when he finds out that next week is How To Train Your Dragon.

9. With school getting out tomorrow, I guess we better get busy making our summer list!

10. I'm just finishing this at 9:50 pm and it's still 91 degrees.


Cathy Bolander said...

That is definitely summer weather. It's only 68 here this week so summer isn't here yet. And Thursday movies sound great.

Megan said...

Our summer movie camp started today. We went to see Megamind this morning. The kids loved it. Next week is How to Train Your Dragon too!

Melanie said...

what are we going to do when FNL ends? *sniff, sniff*