Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Today we finished the second Little House book! We don't have Farmer Boy, so we'll have to make a trip to Half Price Books for that one. Twist my arm.

2. We also read the first Mercy Watson, both kids and I, which both kids enjoyed. At this rate we can read the whole series by the weekend.

3. I am deep into Cutting for Stone, which is wow. It's a two-week check-out so I have to read, read, read!

4. This morning I woke up at 8:05 am when a little Alla hand was placed gently on my cheek. She appeared to have been lying next to me for ages though I didn't hear her creep in. She said she'd been there awhile.

5. Shortly after, she sat perched on the side of the bed telling me, "I'm getting used to staying home." Now that she's two weeks into summer, she has decided she likes it.

6. This morning, as I looked in on the kids getting ready for the day, I saw that Alla had made both of their beds, was helping Fisher put on his pants, and that Fisher had put tooth paste on her 'teesbrush.' I've decided I like summer, too.

7. After the kids came home completely filthy from our morning park fun, I put them in the bath with some shaving cream to doodle and scrub their crocs, and then shower off. Fresh kids.

8. We go through an awful lot of plain yogurt here. And granola.

9. I've decided that watermelon is my favorite summer fruit. I quarter it, lop off a slice for each kid, and then devour the rest of the quarter myself. Nothing like a huge bowl full of watermelon.

10. Except, maybe, for a huge bowl full of cherries. But we haven't seen those yet.


Cathy Bolander said...

Your summer sounds fun & I wish I liked watermelon. I keep trying but nope not yet. Still mostly just a fan of berries!

jody said...

Olivia and I ate a whole watermelon in a week while Scott was out of town last week. Couldn't let it go to waste! Cherries are on my grocery list! Made a new batch of granola yesterday while the weather was cool and could have the oven on for a long time. We are on the same page, girly!!!
Also, have you read The Book Thief yet? Loved it, but I've never cried so much...must have Kleenex for that one!
Looks like no one else is in, but we should still plan a play date soon :-)

pakosta said...

I love summer as well!
my favorite days are the pool days!

We started the Little House books but it's so hard because my girls like to read on their own as well so it's hard to fit in family reading time. We have the first 4 w/ color sketch photos, love them!!!

Right now we are reading the Mandie series and we are LOVING it! they are BEGGING me to read every day!
they have them on Amazon if you are interested. you can get the first 5 books in one book for less than 12.00!

MeganAnne said...

I had to read read read through Cutting For Stone too. But didn't quite make it in time. In the end I decided it was worth a little bit in late fees to the library {.50} instead of having to wait to get it again.