Monday, June 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Summer. Need I say more?

2. Over the weekend we tried letting Alla stay up as late as she wanted, in bed with her reading light and a pile of books. Both nights it was past ten when we went in there and she was still wanting to read one more book. We might have to rethink that because she was a bit crabby (tired) by Sunday. Needless to say, Fisher doesn't quite get that it's not party time.

3. My favorite snack right now is a handful or two of banana chips.

4. Alla got to tag along on Fisher's weekly park playdate with classmates from this school year. Fisher has been SO excited for this week, to introduce his big sister. They both had a ball.

5. Hoping we find something for dinner at the opening day of our Farmer's Market.

6. I keep meaning to plan at least one afternoon a week where I just sit with my book. I mean that's what summer is about. Never happens. Fifteen minutes here, half an hour there. I'm always looking for more time to read.

7. Cutting For Stone is waiting for me at the library, just as soon as I finish Moon Over Manifest.

8. But where oh where is my latest Penderwick's? In cataloging, I hear.

9. Alla has two loose teeth, and they have been loose for months, but I just know that all at once they will be very loose and then just hanging on and then the years of baby teeth will start slipping away and I am just not very prepared.

10. Another thing that slipped away, but happily, not before I noticed, is our lilac blooms. Such a short bloom they have, but oh so pretty.

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