Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. It is a dreary-weary Tuesday here in the Twin Cities, with hardly any snow to speak of, as it's all been washed away by rain and warm temperatures. Rain, in December, in Minnesota? They're talking BROWN Christmas, people. Kiddos are NOT excited about that prospect. (Me neither!)

2. Before it got all balmy here, we did have a very cold spell, which we decided meant footie weather. 3. Fisher and I had lunch with Alla today at school. I just love the surprise on her face when we show up!

4. I had my hands full with photo shoots during the fall, and haven't taken many pictures of my own family lately. Sunday I picked up my camera just to see what everyone was up to.

5. Alla: folding her laundry.6. Fisher and Daddy: reading a chapter of Fire-Fighting Aircraft and Smokejumpers in a fort.7. Me: making a Hot-Milk Sponge Cake, just because, just for a lazy Sunday.8. Today Alla reached one of her reading goals for first grade. Her teacher has the students write down not just minutes read, but also each book, and individual chapters for longer books, and with each 25, they get a small prize. There are bigger prizes to be earned the further along the chart they get, and Alla realized early on that "Read to Kindergarten" was the prize she had her eye on, but her old kindergarten teacher was on sabbatical for a few months. Last week she reached her goal of 350 books/chapters and then chatted with her current teacher about waiting to read until her preferred kindergarten teacher was back. When we pulled up to school yesterday and peered in the building, we spied her old teacher, so the appointment was made for this morning! Her book of choice was one of our favorites, When Dinosaurs Came With Everything, and she was complimented on using such an expressive voice that the kindergarteners were fully attentive. We're proud of you, Alla. Now on to her next goal: Teacher For A Day!

9. We have been checking out the pond at our park nearly everyday on the way home, just to see if it might be ready for skating on Saturday. How many days below freezing does it take to freeze a couple inches of water?

10. Nearly every single day we arrive home at 4:15 from picking up Alla. Nearly every day Fisher goes into firefighter mode, calling the fire chief and then Daddy to tell him to get home immediately because there are three fires to put out! And then he gets his entire firefighter outfit on and just goes around setting things up, and when Ron walks in the door about an hour later it's on.


Megan said...

Alla, we are so proud of you too! That is a great opportunity you had to read to the kindergarten kids. I'm sure they were impressed.

Fisher is going to be an awesome Fire Chief someday! When you visit us again, we will need to take him across the street to talk to a real fire chief.

Nicole Svendsen said...

how was the milk cake? Is that betty crocker? I recognize the cookbook!