Thursday, December 08, 2011

Right now.

(I'd call this a Ten on Tuesday post, but it's Thursday, and this way I figure I'm not tied to the number ten.)

1. The snow came this weekend with a few inches, and of course it's still here. And freezing.

2. So far we've watched Charlie Brown and Shrek the Halls, and only have about a bazillion more Christmas specials DVR'd for the remaining days 'til Christmas.

3. My mom has been out of town for a few weeks on and off, and I miss her. I can't wait to see you Saturday, Mom!

4. Fisher said to me the other day, To be in first grade, do you have to say, It's twice the awesomeness people? Where does he come up with that kind of stuff? Oh, Kung Fu Panda commercials.

5. I am three books away from my 2011 goal. Right now I'm in the middle of a short one, I have an even shorter one on my shelf, and if all goes well, maybe I can read just one more over the holidays.

6. I think this is the weekend for a tree!

7. Cards are done! As in, made. Now, just to write them.

8. I'm putting Lands End customer service to the test tomorrow when I send back my 5-year-old snow boots because the zipper on the right one is genuinely stuck in the up position. They say they guarantee. Period. We shall see.

9. Fisher is obsessed with firefighting aircraft, fireboats, and smokejumpers.

10. Speaking of that little one, time to get him up from his nap.

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