Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. If you're looking for a good brunch recipe, here is the ultimate: Bacon, Potato and Egg Breakfast Casserole. It made our Christmas morning delicious, along with the gluten-free Cherry Oat Scones.

2. Lands End came through and sent me a gift card for $65 for my five-year-old snow boots that I sent back because the zipper had broken. Unfortunately they don't currently have any waterproof snow boots, so I am on the hunt for something I like, because although it was 50 degrees here yesterday, it is December, and we do live in Minnesota; therefore it will snow. I think.

3. It's 9 o'clock and Alla just came downstairs, Fisher in tow, with her book, A Masterpiece for Bess, to tell me she'd finished it. Off to find a new one tomorrow I suppose!

4. We're also reading the newest Ivy+Bean at bedtime.

5. I'm wondering if my Whole Living subscription has run out. I sure could use a month of detox-type recipes after all the rich foods of the past week.

6. I just realized tonight that Alla doesn't go back to school until next Tuesday, not Monday! A whole extra unexpected day with her.

7. Have I mentioned that we have no snow? The ice rinks are just ponds.

8. I am in the middle of Sarah's Key but goodness is it hard to read. Hoping to finish before the weekend - you know, fresh start in the New Year and all.

9. The tree is out, the decorations are back in the attic. Something about the impending New Year makes me want to put away and organize and see my floors again.

10. That is that, the last Ten on Tuesday of 2011. Here's to another year!


Elizabeth said...

Merry Christmas, Killins Family!
1.) No snow here either, boo
2.) the "captcha" word is "joyfous" which made me giggle.

Mindi said...

I've seen several ice rinks that are usable, plus the lakes are frozen up fairly well (unless the birds keep them open) - there are icehouses on many of them.

pakosta said...

I have some books I could send! I was wondering on who I could give them to. I think little miss Alla, is the perfect recipient! I wanted to give to someone who loves, cherishes and appreciates books! I think I still have your address from the Christmas card you sent, but just incase, please email me! tdpakosta@sbcglobal.net

love ya!

Amy said...

Sarah's Key was a so-so read for me. . . parts were gripping, parts very tough to read, and parts seemed fluffy. Mixed bag, but still glad I read it! Hope you can finish by Saturday!

As for boots -- look for Baffin brand. I got a pair in Bozeman last year and I adore them! Super lightweight (so I don't get tired wearing them, unlike my Sorels!), but cozy warm and very waterproof! The kids in Bozeman all wore Bogs. They're like a rain boot, but insulated. They make some cute adult styles too!