Sunday, May 06, 2012


I can't help but wonder if one of these days, I'll glance at post titles before checking dates and wonder which kid I was talking about who turned seven. Thankfully, this is only my first time around at seven; I've one yet to come through that gate. It all happens so fast, I'm reminded every year.
The birthday girl got lots of fun phone calls from people who love her. I think it's hilarious to always have to remind her to put the phone to her ear. Kids these days!
 Nana and Pappi picked out a few custom items for her with her own artwork on them - what a compliment!
 Right in the middle of it all, just smiles and family and gifts.
Cake of choice: chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. We're still picking up sprinkles from the cracks between floorboards!

Last but not least, the 6:37 shots. I set a reminder so I wouldn't forget, as I always seem to do with Fisher (poor second child). I love to do these, partly to show how she's grown from this exact time each year, but also to distract me from reminiscing too much about what I was doing seven years ago on this day (waiting for that first cry) and how my life was instantly so completely changed. We love you, Alla Balla. Happy Birthday!


Elizabeth said...

ah, J.J. She looks so much older to me just like that. And also so, so, so happy. Good job, mama.

pakosta said...

happy 7th miss alla!
I think you should put all 7 of the 6:37 shots in one post! that would be COOL!

Megan said...

I am so happy she was happy on her big day! I love that big smile of hers.