Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Took Fisher to the Mississippi River yesterday after dropping off Big Sister. A favorite pastime of ours, for sure, especially when we actually get to see a large barge go through the lock!

2. Today we're at the Minnesota Zoo with the entire first grade from Alla's school for their field trip. I have told Fisher that it is quite a privilege for the two of us to be able to tag along, since we aren't in the first grade, and am hoping that this will inspire angelic-like behavior.

3. Today is also Ron's birthday! Happy Birthday Dear Sweet, Thoughtful, Handsome, Wonderful Husband. Can't wait to have chocolate birthday cupcakes with you later. (After I recover from a day at the zoo with the first grade, that is.)

4. I am in the middle of Katherine's wonderful book and savoring every page.

5. Two weeks from Thursday is the last day of school!

6. The weather is just beautiful here lately, and Memorial Day weekend is shaping up to be just stunning too - hot, but perfect. Grilling, water balloons, popsicles, sprinklers.

7. Last night's dinner: Lettuce Cups, Corn-Quinoa with Lemon Honey Butter dressing, and watermelon. (See above.)

8. For breakfast we tried the no-flour banana oatmeal muffins, and they might be my favorite find ever. To be fair, though, the oats are basically being pummeled into oat flour, but, yes, it is a protein-rich flour instead of your usual stale-after-one-day gluten-free mix. If you make them, we only used 1/2 cup sugar (because I generally think you can always use less than the recipe calls for, and because we eat them for breakfast and don't like our breakfast to taste like dessert, but these are just my opinions).

9. I miss the beach. Like the real beach with an ocean.

10. TV shows are almost over. Looks like another summer of lots and lots of books:)


Katherine Willis Pershey said...

Those muffins sound terrific. Gluten-free does tend to get stale quickly, doesn't it? We recently switched to gf communion bread at church and found that it has to be completely covered during the service or it is like croutons by the time we need it!

I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying the book!

Amy said...

Come see us at the beach! We have a big ocean waiting for you!