Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Get this kid some Legos of his own, right!

2. Alla had her seventh birthday well-kiddo doctor visit on Saturday and is 50 inches and 52 pounds. I'm glad no one is blogging about my inches and pounds.

3. Fisher is all fired up about the Vehicle Fair this Saturday.

4. Every single school morning, I am waking the kids up at 8:00 (next year we are getting a reliable alarm clock), but, miraculously, today when Alla had to be at the dentist at 8:30, both kids were out of bed at twenty to seven. I feel a nap coming on for the little one.

5. Currently Fisher is into every single video in the Little Mammoth Media series. Today, The Big Space Shuttle.

6. After one of our marathon dandelion weed-pounding sessions, Fisher asked me, "Mama, why does it have the word lion in it?"

7. He and I started planting the garden at the end of last week. We planted seeds of peas, lettuce and broccoli, plus some wildflowers and gladiola bulbs. It should be an interesting and experimental year, as we are loosely attempting square foot gardening. I don't know why I didn't try it out sooner. The whole concept of individual squares is completely appealing to my organized/planner personality.

8. Unless we pick them out, our garden is likely to be growing lots of maple trees, as the helicopters have been flying this week. Fisher wondered yesterday if those helicopters would grow into the real ones, with one rotor or two.

9. I feel the school year coming to a close. I love summer, but I also love the anticipation of it, because once it is here, I feel time speed by too quickly.

10. This Mother's Day looks to be a very lovely sunny one! Hope yours is lovely and relaxing!

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