Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Instagram summer.

I'm on the one hand happy to have my iPhone there with me most of the time to capture all the little moments that I'd otherwise miss because it seemed silly to bring my big camera, but a lot of those images get stuck in Instagram Land and never make it to the party with the rest of our family photographs. This is my effort to show the little moments that thankfully did not get missed. Like the kids under the Stone Arch Bridge, on the banks (bank?) of the Mississippi., killing time before a big Okee Dokee show.
Like the times we luck out and capture Vacuum Vic in action. Those worker guys, as Fisher would call them, must have thought we were nuts for parking our car just to watch a sewer being vacuumed out.
Like the first day of summer vacation when we hit up the splash pad for the first time.
And Fisher set up his own little drawing spot, lingering in jammies. Ah, summer.
Like kiddos being able to have sleepovers any old night, and Alla feeling like the great big sister she is holding that sound asleep little brother of hers.
Like pajama walks with clean kids and their lovies.
Like the city's summer slip n slide on a gorgeous day with my favorite sky.
Like watching fireworks on our own street.
And Daddy taking a bow.

Like a date night walk around Minnehaha Falls on what might have been the best night of the summer.
Here's to continuing to capture, and continuing to share.

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pakosta said...

LOVElY moments!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE instagram!
I think I am going to do a Blurb book of just instagram prints! they do capture the everyday just perfectly!