Friday, July 06, 2012


After a couple of busy, fun days in Duluth, we needed a down day, a day when no one had to be anywhere at all. Fisher's one wish for the day was to play War, which is a request he'd make on any other day, but I wanted to make sure we did it because that was the whole point of the down day - nothing to do.

We started our game after breakfast, it lasted an hour and a half, aces traded hands many times, I was down for awhile and then it looked like I'd win, but in the end, Fisher won all of his aces back and I lost all my cards. He threw a fit not because he lost (which he didn't), but because we couldn't play again right that minute. (I did mention that the game last an hour and a half, right?)

So, after he had a little bedroom time, he got super resourceful and decided to deal a new game between he and Big Elmo at the kitchen table. An hour later it was lunchtime, but he and Big Elmo agreed to start fresh at quiet time.
They made good on their plans to start a new game and played for over an hour. At bedtime, we moved the cards to a safe part of the room so the game can be resumed tomorrow. I love it when the kids go through these phases where they just loooove something so very much. That kid is a stellar War opponent.

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