Monday, November 05, 2012

Halloween 2012.

We had a Ninja and a firefighter (again! yay, budget-conscious children - right!) this year for Halloween, and it was perhaps the best Trick or Treat ever.

Reason no. 1: My mom here to pass out candy again.
Reason no. 2: The four of us got to trick or treat together, which was super fun.
Reason no. 3: It was relatively mild, weather-speaking.
Reason no. 4: However mild it was for us grown-ups, Ninja costumes are apparently not that arm, so after a trip around the block, Little Miss Ninja was chilly and called it a night. We then returned home, where each costumed child counted out their ten favorites and promptly put the rest in the donate pile. We hit up the city "spooky house" (where they offer wine to grown-ups, what!??), and then put the little ghosties to bed.
Reason no. 5: The day after Halloween I took the rest of the candy to the food shelter, so it is no longer in our home, except for what remains of the kids' ten favorites, of course.
Reason no. 6: The gifts that the kids traded in the rest of their candy for, a Secret of the Wings DVD and a REAL Vacuum Vic (alas!), respectively. Period.

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