Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. It's Election Day! Go vote. At one point in history, no one in our family of four would have been allowed to vote. Now, at least two of us are, and the other two will be allowed when they've come of age.

2. As this is my seventh fall in Minnesota, I've decided that the SweeTango is my favorite apple variety. Sadly, they have a short season and are now gone from the stores til next year.

3. On Sunday evening I served roasted carrots with our roasted chicken, and Fisher quickly decided he did not like "toasted carrots." With very few exceptions, my children prefer their vegetables raw.

4. We have been wanting some new sheets for awhile, and by "awhile" I do mean a few years, since I had to retire a set due to actual holes. Trouble is, I'm very picky about sheets and have to feel them in person. Since winter is approaching, I thought we'd get some more wintery sheets, and came across these microloft ones on the Bed Bath and Beyond website. Of course I had to feel them in person, and was skeptical, because they basically felt like a fleece blanket. The cashier, however, reassured me that I could return them for any reason. So I washed them, dried them (they take hours on low heat), and then had the best sleep ever. They are the warmest, coziest, softest sheets, without being at all stifling. Best sheets ever.

5. Another product recommendation: St. Ives Naturally Smooth Hand Cream.

6. Is there room here for another one: Blistex Moisture Melt. Love this stuff, a great cheap addition to your purse or your nightstand. Very moisturizing, stays on for several hours. OK, that's all the product I am recommending for today.

7. I am completely over fall weather. Once you get past the colorful leaves, the falling leaves, the fallen leaves, the leaf jumping, and the raking, all you are left with is a dreary gray sky that puts a chill in your bones. I'll take a big pile of snow to give me and the boy something to do.

8. Speaking of cold, got a favorite soup recipe? I could use a new few.

9. For our Election Day dinner, we had Sloppy Joe's, an old throwback kind of dinner that my parents lovingly nicknamed "Sloppy Jennifer Jo's" when I was a kid. Both kids gobbled up their dinner, which always fills my bucket.

10. Something else reminiscent of childhood these days: dog-earing all of the Christmas catalogs that come in the mail.


Megan said...

I have a chicken noodle soup recipe that is yummy and from cooking light. I also have chicken and wild rice if you are interested in those. We are actually have the chicken and wild rice soup tomorrow night. My kiddos are fans of raw veggies more often than cooked too.

jody said...

Oh, that St. Ives is my favorite too and seems to work the best for the kiddos super dry winter skin. I've tried lots!

Soups...I'm making french onion tomorrow. Also, I've been thinking about white chicken chili, which I used to have a good recipe for, but I dunno where it is. Hmmm...