Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.Wednesday.Thursday.

1. This is the Ten on Tuesday that began on Sunday, wasn't thought about again until Wednesday, and is being completed on Thursday.

2. Thanksgiving was a smashing success here, and I am defining success by the fact that every recipe new and old was a keeper and will be repeated for next year. I have now assembled my Thanksgiving section in our family recipe book, complete with grocery list and step by step directions. I've been cooking Thanksgiving dinner since 1999 and I can truly say that it's taken this long to streamline the process.

3. Perhaps a better definition of success is when your kids eat Thanksgiving dinner and, for the first time ever, eat leftovers and like it!

4. Ron is teaching the kids to play Chess, and like War and Battleship and Spot It and any other game I can't think of at the moment, Fisher has Chess on the brain and is asking to play it just as soon as Daddy's headlights are spotted in the driveway every evening.

5. Not to be left out, Alla is catching on very quickly as well and was instrumental in teaching ME.

6. I am nearly obsessed with chocolate covered raisins.

7. I am so very glad for the extra week of holiday season/Christmas prep this year, but holy jeez December is still just about here!

8. There are about 48 things on each of my 59 to-do lists. Consequently, my fun reading has fallen by the wayside. I will, however, loosely say that I am re-reading The Passage in order to move on to The Twelve.

9. At least the kids and I are in the midst of a fun read - The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles.

10. Is it possible that four year old boys are littler than four year old girls?

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Elizabeth said...

#8. Yes. AAAAAAAACK! : )