Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Whew! Swimming is OVER, and we're enjoying a relaxing week, which means the kids sleep past 8, Fisher usually past 9. Both kids passed their levels. Alla's front crawl is something to be seen.

2. I love my kiddos home all day around me in the summer.

3. Maybe now we can make some progress on our summer list, like strawberry picking and Tamarack and Minnehaha Falls.

4. The rains of last weekend have left our garden utterly swamp-like, and my tomato plant is looking peckish - just hanging there looking parched, which is exactly the opposite of the truth - that the poor thing is sitting in mud and can't seem to dry out.

5. That said, the tomato plant on the deck is doing splendid. So, I'm thinking I'll either have to find another location for a garden, or just go with deck pots. Our backyard gets terrific sunlight but just doesn't drain well.

6. I finished Anne and have moved onto Ivan. Not sure what's next!

7. I've got some peaches ripening on my counter in the hopes of making some cobbler tomorrow. I learned within a few years of living here that peaches don't travel well, and don't ripen well enough for eating here in the North, so if you've got a hankering it's either frozen or you bake 'em.

8. I am SUPER excited for the Phone Photography Project coming up next week! What perfect timing. We're settled into summer and I could use a creativity push.

9. Has anyone figured out summer dinners yet? I mean, getting it ready and getting everyone fed before you head out to evening sports? The best I have come up with is a big pot of beans on Monday that we can eat in a few different ways throughout the week.

10. Best news ever - next week I get to see CATIE!

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