Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. So far, on this, the second day of the first full week of summer, I have to say I'm exhausted! I signed the kids up for a two-week swim class that starts at 9am, which is an earlier start than our school year. Each morning when we've gotten out the door and we're on our way, I count down the number of days left of this.

2. On the positive side, Fisher loves his class and Alla somehow lucked out with a private lesson, which is resulting in moving her through the level and onto the next because of all the one on one attention!

3. I've been catching up on Grey's Anatomy and saw on old friend on an episode last from February. Danielle and I graduated from Cal State Fullerton together - she a Musical Theatre major and me, Dance. What a fun discovery! And, sadly, I had seen her on two shows that I watch, 90210 and Private Practice, and not known it was her!

4. Fisher filled my bucket this evening with this: "You do a nice job on carrot-shucking and you do a well job on making dinner, Mommy." Wow, thanks, buddy.

5. For the record, both carrots and corn get shucked in this house.

6. We hit up the first day of the Farmer's Market today, and were pleasantly surprised to see lots of new vendors, including gluten-free bread (though maybe not diabetic-friendly, as there was no carb count), an ice cream truck and a food truck! The produce will follow; it's early here in Minnesota and so far there's only rhubarb, green onions, lettuce, and radishes.

7. I ran into a friend there who told me all about using rhubarb for crisp. I'm all about crisp.

8. Another new vendor was selling plants of all sorts, including raspberry bushes! I have since been dreaming about finding a sunny spot in the yard for it. Think I can clear out a patch of grass before next Tuesday so I can bring home one of my very own?

9. My lovely daughter and I finished planting our garden today! Now or never, I guess. Fingers crossed: marigolds, rudbeckia, cucumber, tomatoes, cosmos, peas, green beans, and some wildflowers! Hopeful might be an understatement.

10. While out there planting, we got probably 20 mosquito bites between us. Holy cow are they hungry. Going to be a great year for 'em.

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