Wednesday, June 05, 2013


1. We're in the home stretch here, with Fisher having finished preschool last Thursday and Alla's last day of second grade tomorrow. I am kind of giddy at the realization that we have no place to go on Friday.

2. One of the many year-end activities this week was a 1-mile Fun Run at Alla's school. I was immensely proud of her for running that, without stopping.

3. Yesterday was another year-end activity - the 2nd grade zoo field trip. Along with every other grade from every other school in the state, it seemed. Miracle of miracles, though, I did not lose a single child.

4. The soccer season has begun as well, with Fisher and Alla each having had one practice. Alla should have had two, but we're apparently now living in the rainforest where it never stops raining, so one of hers got cancelled.

5. Fisher is so obsessed with Legos (have I said this before?) that he just goes right to them when we walk in the house, when he has a free minute, he is always on the floor with his bag of Legos building, telling stories, I love it!

6. I am currently reading Anne of Green Gables, which I sadly never read as a child. I have almost given up on borrowing library books, as it seems I am in a phase of life where I cannot get through a book in three weeks.

7. For all of you Okee Dokee fans, I have to recommend their buddy, Paul Spring, who is on repeat in our car. Fun!

8. Since summer is so rapidly approaching, I think that means it's time to make a summer schedule. I know, that sounds so, well, anti-summer, but I've found that we actually end up doing all the fun stuff (and less fun stuff) we want to do if we actually plan for it. Actually.

9. Brrr. Mid-50s isn't warm.

10. I got nothing for dinner. Eggs? What do you eat for dinner in the summer, like every single day?

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