Wednesday, September 18, 2013


We are in the midst of September here, almost into fall already, so perhaps it is a perfect time to revisit our last summer vacation - California! We were there to celebrate the nuptials of the kids' Aunt Renee to her beloved Will, but we headed out a bit early to spend time with our old friends The Laughrey's.

The kids were very excited to be at the beach, to try and catch seagulls, and Alla in particular was in awe of the local flora and fauna.

That girl is convinced that she'll catch a bird one of these days.

I have always loved how her curls curl up at the shore.

Either I was a good vacationer or just lazy, because I didn't take my camera out too much. I did get a few shots of Fisher and Lorelei, but the other two of their girls never got their "bench portraits." Ah, well, another visit.

And then we were onto San Diego for the big wedding festivities, like getting our hair done. Here's Grandma and Aunt Ronna showing off their beauties.

Did I mention that all four of us were in the wedding? OK, so I didn't really take any photos that day, what with being a bridesmaid and mother of the "ringbear" and flower girl and counting carbs in Fisher's meal and all of that, but before things got underway I did catch just a couple of the all important getting ready moments.

What a fun day. What a beautiful bride.


Renee said...

Yeay!! Such wonderful pics!! I can't believe how old Alla is getting...I feel like it was just yesterday that I visited her in Redondo :-D

Denise M. Gardner said...

Awww J.j. I love that you captured these moments :-)