Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Yes, I'm aware it's Wednesday.

2. I must get my hands on some apple cider. I was reading an article yesterday about cooking with it - using it instead of water in your steel cut oats, or replacing half the water with cider in a pot of beans. Sounds delish.

3. We have been in the 70s for a long time now, even 85 last Friday. Consequently, Fisher has been in shorts and a t-shirt since about June, and I'm pretty sure that, due to him being 5 and therefore not having a ton of long-term memories, he figures he'll just go on with that uniform, as it's become.

4. According to our local paper, my son is in for a big shock when the rain and cold come dashing in this weekend.

5. I mentioned Fisher using all of my clips to give me a hairstyle at bedtime, so I thought proof was in order. All the great hairstylists had to start somewhere. You can all say you knew him when.

6. This past weekend, on the only cool rainy day in ages, a day sandwiched between two gorgeous warm days, the kids participated in the Kid Garage Sale at our community center. They sold books, toys they'd grown out of - basically all the stuff they cleared out of their room and toy boxes over the summer. It was a huge success and I would be surprised if they didn't do it again next year!

7. This is the stack of books we returned last week.

8. I am currently reading Golden Boy, which is about an albino boy being hunted in Tanzania. Fascinating.
9. Alla is reading all of the Maud Hart Lovelace books for school. Out of the three she's read so far, her favorite has been  Out of My Mind.
10. I have a package of chicken somewhat defrosted. Must think of a dinner recipe...

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Megan said...

Cilantro lime chicken is delicious. The kids love it and I serve it with rice and broccoli.