Monday, October 21, 2013

Picture Day.

Back when it was still warm, oh, less than two weeks ago, the kids had picture day at school. Everything is significant this year, because it's the first "real" picture day for Fisher, at "real" school with big sister. I hope he didn't smile like this in his official picture, or it might be the first year we utilize the re-take day.

I realize that I am indeed a photographer, and therefore have a gazillion photos of my kiddos, but, yes, I do order school pictures. One goes in their School Days books, so they can easily flip through and see what they looked like each year, and I frame an 8x10 to display until next year's picture. There's just something traditional about having school pictures, like a rite of passage, and I'm nothing if not a sucker for traditions.

But I am indeed a photographer, so, yes, I do grab a few snapshots on their way out the door when they're all snazzed up, especially because I know the school photographers are not going to capture my daughter like this.


Paige said...

Looking so grown up! Miss you guys!

Megan said...

I don't know, I like his little smirk in the first picture. Either way, he's handsome. And she is simply beautiful. Love the pictures.