Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Fall is here, and I know this because it was barely thirty degrees when I came back from my run this morning.

2. There are several good things about fall, such as soup. We made one of our favorites, Lentil Soup, over the weekend. Thankfully, there are enough leftovers for Fisher and I to eat for lunch.

3. Another good thing: books. Lots of new releases, and of course, they all came in for me at the library at the same time. The kids and I plowed through Neil Gaiman's new one, Fortunately the Milk, over the weekend, and I am refusing to return it to the library until I read it again. Delightful.

4. We are now onto The Year of Billy Miller, and are then moving onto Flora and Ulysses.

5. Might as well celebrate new releases in music, while we're at it - John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and The Avett Brothers, yay!

6. This past weekend was a 4-day for every student in the state of Minnesota, and we did it up right by having a child come down with a terrible cold, thus cancelling both a birthday party he was supposed to attend, and a date night his parents were supposed to attend.

7. We really enjoy date nights in, though, so we got ourselves some Chipotle and Redbox and made the best of it!

8. Since we had extra time this weekend, with gloomy cold weather, and more gloomy cold weather on tap for the week, we broke down and got out the winter clothes. Which is more or less how I spent my entire Sunday. And that was just for mine and the kids clothes. Still have the coat closet to do.

9. Saturday is Alla's half birthday, so that equals Date with Daddy. I think she wants to go to the Science Museum, but so far neither of our children has chosen for a date to go to a restaurant other than Red Robin.

10. Friday is the Fall Parade at the school. Should be mighty chilly.

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