Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Ten on Tuesday.

1. My delightful friend Erin introduced me to Meatza. Um, yes. Last Friday was therefore Meatza Friday for me!

2. I can't seem to keep carrots around. We seem to go through a 5-pound bag in as many days.

3. Have you heard about the cold weather here? We had two days of school cancelled! This is unheard of here in Minnesota, and in the 7 1/2 years we have lived here, there has only been one other cancellation, for snow. So we treated these two days as rare gifts and used them well.

4. Cold weather activities: domino course (me), Legos (kids), movies (kids), reading (everyone), beef stew, book-making (kids), and more rounds of Speed than I could possibly keep track of.

5. One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a jump rope from my mom. Also coming in handy in this cold weather.

6. We started an "Awesome Jar" for 2014 and are filling it with small slips of paper that list awesome things for this year.

7. Fisher is all about Lorde.

8. Ron is all about Hall & Oates.

9. Our whole family loved seeing Frozen over the holiday break.

10. The highlight of our day was when the temperature reached one degree (above zero), and we suited up for a walk on the frozen creek. Yes it was cold, but goodness was it beautiful out there.

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