Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I had a marvelous birthday yesterday and have been informed that I've now entered my late 30s. Not sure I like the sound of that, but moving on.

2. Fisher made sure to take a picture of me (with his V-Reader camera) at my birth time of 12:25 just as I do of them. Glad to see I'm rubbing off.

3. It was balmy yesterday in the upper 20s with sunshine, so this made for a very lovely morning run.

4. I got lots of reading material. Very exciting!

5. My husband woke up early to decorate with banners and streamers.

6. I made the most amazing brownies! No refined sugar or grain, awesome.

7. We woke up to fresh snow today, 3-4 inches, very pretty fresh white everywhere.

8. Not as fun to drive in, but provides a good workout when the plows come around and plow you in.

9. Looking forward to our birthday date this weekend at Butcher and The Boar!

10. The vegetable I'm obsessed with this week is butternut squash, already cubed from Costco, thank you, roasted and then put into my lunch salad. Delish!

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