Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ten on Tuesday.

1. The family had a successful trip to Half Price Books on our Martin Luther King holiday. Successful in the year 2014 means that all four of us found a book. I am imagining that Success 50 and 60 years ago meant something else.

2. I believe I need to update my Photo-a-Day fun, but here's the last batch.

3. Alla starts an art class after school next week. She is delighted.

4. The family thoroughly enjoyed movie night at Daddy's work on Friday night. The movie of the month was Turbo, and the grown-ups were pleasantly surprised.

5. We are all about the Frozen soundtrack here. Goodness gracious.

6. We are sure hoping Idina Menzel will sing at the Oscar's.

7. We also love Pharrell's Happy but for us there is no contest, Frozen wins!

8. Yesterday Trader Joe's was out of shredded Brussels sprouts. Crisis.

9. I'm on book #5 so far in 2014 (I like to start out strong, I will surely meet a difficult or long book later in the year.), and 2 out of the 5 have been on my "Official 2014 To-Read List." Not sure if I should be proud of that or get myself back on track.

10. That said, the Newbery/Printz, etc awards are on Monday, which is a prime opportunity for me to add to my list!


Elizabeth said...

I just know if you were my neighbor we would totally have Newbery/Caldecott award parties, hee hee : )

Nicole Russell Willis said...

Turbo was cute!
Will look forward to your upcoming reading list!

Missy said...

We know Frozen by heart!!