Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Today Fisher and I finished Zombie Baseball Beatdown, which is exactly as it sounds, and just a perfect read for a mom and her 5-year-old boy.

2. Ron and I ate the most amazing filet mignon for Valentine's Day.

3. I am patiently waiting for the arrival of daffodils at Trader Joes.

4. I am so over the Olympics. Ready for regular programming, thank you.

5. Current bedtime books: Ron has just finished reading the third Narnia book, and I am reading this lovely Australian trio of books about a boy named Jack.

6. Our family pretty much never eats breakfast before eight, lunch before noon, or dinner before six.

7. We awoke to 25 degrees this morning. Can't explain how balmy that felt, or how warm 40 felt by late afternoon.

8. We were all dragging a bit this morning, and Fisher told me, "I need more time."

9. My children lose an inordinate amount of crap.

10. As cold as it's been, we really haven't gotten tons of snow. Curse me now, but I could handle one really big snow storm.

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