Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I didn't apologize to my kids for not telling them these "muffins" were really a lot less muffin than cauliflower. They were just too yummy. I should have told them, though, because then they wouldn't have eaten them, and there'd have been more for me. For the record, they didn't like them. Pooh.

2. Over the weekend I read the book Wave, which I really and highly recommend. I enjoy memoirs a great deal, and this a tragic one, about the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia, but it's just so very true, how she takes you right through it, and honest, how she deals with every harrowing moment in the years following the wave.

3. Have you heard? The Polar Vortex has returned. At least it's sunny.

4. My favorite day of the year is coming up: Spring Forward Day!

5. Alla cannot wait to hear Idina Menzel sing at the Oscars on Sunday!

6. Fisher is up to #25 in the Magic Tree House series and says he's going to read them all.

7. Alla is reading a great fractured fairy tale trilogy that starts with Half Upon a Time.

8. I am in desperate need of a new vacuum and am currently in research mode.

9. I cannot believe that Fisher's sixth birthday is next month.

10. But I am super happy that spring break is next month!!

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