Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday.

Today we're celebrating Fisher's last day as a five-year-old, so today's ten is dedicated to the boy I love.

1. He loves Legos, but probably more than that he loves to be outside with friends doing stuff, which means lots of running around, tackling, Zombie Tag, and, eventually when the snow melts, bike riding.

2. He loves to play sports: tennis, baseball, soccer.

3. He loves to play games: Speed, Farkle, Uno.

4. He gives the best back rubs.

5. He is incredibly smart.

6. He loves to read. He's made it his goal to read all the Magic Tree House books.

7. He loves to be read to, and he and I are currently in our second reading of Flora and Ulysses.

8. He sleeps with multiple stuffed animal friends: Lovey, Tempy, Mimi, the new frog Bulkhead, Elmo, little Elmo, Glowworm, and a few smaller ones that are constantly getting lost.

9. He is really really hard on his shoes and clothes. Keens have been a lifesaver for shoes.

10. He is one inch shy of four feet tall!

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