Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Happy April! I wish I could say it was April Fool's that we woke up to snow this morning, and temps in the 20s, and wind chills in the single digits, but that's just how we roll here in Minnesota.

2. How else we roll is by expecting 6-12 inches by the end of the week.

3. But spring is definitely in the air. Signs of spring, which may be different depending on where you are: daffodils in a vase on my table (not in the ground, silly!), geese returning, longer days, fewer layers, can't remember the last time I wore a hat, and the remodeling bug has returned.

4. We are notorious for having lots of remodeling/house ideas and not going through with them, mostly because I am incredibly indecisive and commitment-phobic when it comes to house changes.

5. Consequently, I made myself a giant list today and purposely included many smaller projects that don't involve having three different people out to our house, waiting for bids, checking references, and then scheduling something three months out.

6. We are in the midst of our cable company's week of free cable, meaning we are trying to watch an entire season of The Walking Dead in one week.

7. Tomorrow Fisher is participating in a study at the U. He'll be excited about the $10 they pay. He's a complete miser and never spends a cent.

8. April is a busy month for us with Alla's birthday, Easter, and Fisher starting tennis lessons. I believe May is equally busy.

9. I am halfway through the last Phoenix Files book.

10. Did I mention that we spent a quick weekend in LA? Just the two of us? As in 2 days ago we woke up in LA and wore t-shirts and flip flops?

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