Thursday, April 03, 2014

LA Getaway: A List.

The best way to capture the spirit of our first [airplane] getaway sans children is a list -

Direct flights rock.
Carrying-on just a roller bag and a purse rocks.
I'm like my son, never getting over the hugeness of a plane flying right overhead.
Thank you, Laughreys, for the fun, food, and sunset walk!
I can never get over palm trees.
Alla has had a photo of this street sign in her room since right after she was born.
LA = Land of Punch Buggies.
Reconnecting with Air Force Academy friends after many many years = awesome.
Everywhere we went, I took a picture of succulents and palm trees and blossoms.
I finally found my grandparents gravesite, after walking 20 minutes around the cemetery.
You cannot leave California without some In n Out.
We are so lucky.
People drive a lot in California.
I can never get over the traffic and congestion.
It's nice to feel the sun.
You should not wear new shoes to the airport, where you might have to walk a ways.
Café Brasil in Culver City has delicious plantains and tilapia.
48 hours is a really perfect little getaway.
I really like Ron. He's fun.


Unknown said...

You're pretty fun too

Nicole Russell Willis said...

Looks so fun!!