Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ten on Tuesday.

1. We're on day 3 of downpours. Today it's cold enough to mix with snow. Lovely.

2. Tomorrow we're supposed to be heading to the Twins game, where Alla's school choir will be singing the National Anthem. I have a feeling we will be leaving shortly after, if this weather does not improve.

3. Speaking of that lovely girl of mine, she turned 9 over the weekend. Last year of single digits.

4. I now have a 6 year old and a 9 year old. Just getting used to saying that.

5. My 6 year old lost his first tooth yesterday!

6. The kids and I are reading HOOT as their bedtime story, while Ron just started the 4th or 5th Narnia book on his reading nights.

7. Alla is deep into the first Fablehaven book.

8. Fisher is on the 37th Magic Tree House book.

9. The first tick of the season was spotted - on ME!

10. I'm off to build a boat, seeing as how rowing may be the only outdoor exercise I'm going to get all this rainy week!

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