Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I had quite a nice Mother's Day that began with breakfast in bed. Any day that starts like that is going to be a good one. Thank you family!

2. We woke up on Mother's Day to find that Mama Robin had three (of four) babies! Yesterday the fourth hatched, and now it should be about two weeks til they start hopping out of the nest.

3. Two weeks too long for Ron, who is waiting so patiently for these robins to do their thing so he can re-deck our deck.

4. The next two weeks at school are the busiest of the year, as in every evening I will congratulate myself if we get to all events on time, have some semblance of a healthy meal eaten mostly together, and return home with all members of our family.

5. We are, however, in our very last full week of the school year, a fact I had to double check when a teacher said it, but, yes, it's true, the rest of the weeks all have only four school days in them. Holy Bagumba!

6. Fisher goes to the doctor for a re-check on his broken pinky tomorrow. Fingers crossed everyone, because it is really hard to be seven and decked out in your baseball uniform and have to sit on the bench.

7. I heard we lost The Mindy Project, but in fantastic fall TV news, The Muppets! The Muppets!

8. Because of #4, reading has slowed down a bit, however I did finish the book the kids and I were reading (A Year Down Yonder), plus my own book (The Honest Truth), and on Sunday I read Roller Girl. So, finished two and enjoyed a graphic novel. Very satisfying.

9. I had to return Echo, however, because my slowed-down reading pace couldn't get it finished before it was due. Instead, I'm starting All the Light We Cannot See, which has been sitting on my nightstand since my birthday. Treasure!

10. And with that I'm off for a short run, volunteering in Fisher's class, picking them up at separate times, trying to do some of the things in #4, and heading off to Reading Hall of Fame ceremonies tonight!

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