Friday, May 12, 2006


I think we mothers should get together and write a book about how to get our kids to eat certain foods. For example, there would be a whole chapter on veggies and what magic tricks we pulled out of our hats to get them to eat the greens and reds and oranges and yellows.

My magic trick of late is to cut everything into strips. Everything. Red pepper, pizza, cucumber, string cheese (well that one's already kind of done for you), even bananas. Strawberries are out nowadays, because they are bite-sized. Pretzels are in, because she can hold them in her hands and take bites. Especially good when dip-dipped (thanks Mazie) in almond butter.

If you haven't tried this trick, let me know how it works for you, and by all means, let me know YOUR tricks. Because I'm still a newbie.

And, a cool link pointed out by my friend Susan, who I am going to live near in less than two months, by the way:

Scrapbooks Etc.

You just scroll down a little way and then you should see some of my little chubba five month old.


erin said...

Wow...I love that link! I'm so glad that page got picked up because I thought your idea and design was great. Way to go girl!

Nas said...

My goodnes she is just way too cute!!!