Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Trader Joe, I *heart* you.

When we visited Minnesota last month to look for our house, we did a LOT of driving around. And I said to Ron, "They have everything but Trader Joe's here."

Today I went to the TJ's website just to see where else in the country they are located.

I about did ten backflips when I saw this, a TJ's only 18 miles from our new house that is coming soon. You better believe that will be the first place to which I learn directions when it's built. 18 miles in the snow for Two-Buck Chuck, Vanana yogurt, Organic Three Cheese Pizza from Italy, honey pretzels, pound-plus dark chocolate, and daffy's in March? No problem. It's all about what motivates you.

Thanks, TJ's, really, you have sealed the deal.


Pink Shoes said...

I've never commented here before, and am forgetting how I originally discovered your blog (kewp? thepigbear?). Regardless -- I love reading your blog and your daughter is gorgeous. So, what about this blog-post makes me comment? As a native Minnesotan (away for nearly 8 years now), I'm thrilled that TJs is moving in -- there's a lot about the Twin Cities area that's fabulous (you've already found the zoo -- well done!) ... I look forward to hearing about what else you find!

Susie said...

18 miles for a TJs?? I'd make the trip, too, but stock up, girl!

Amy said...

Why, oh why, TJ's haven't you settled in Colorado?!? I will say that I have considered looking into opening a franchise right here in Monument. . . when I have a boring day at work, my thoughts run right to running my very own TJ's! Glad you're so excited about Minnesota--it's always fun to start a new chapter in life :-)

Tasha said...

so gald you will have a TJ's there too. You gotta have TJ's. Otherwise, you would have had to pack it up with you, :-)

Amanda Cowan said...

Yeah for TJ's...I haven't been there in awhile. The one near me is a nightmare to get too..parking-wise anyway. Even trying to find a spot that would equal a walk is a hassle. Anyway, thanks for the Mothers' Day card! You are so on the ball!! Thank you so much!

Susan Weinroth said...


I have been MISSING TJs SO much since we left Philly... You seriously just gave me the BEST news ever that there's one coming to MN soon... awesome... :)

And I'm so glad you found the BHG link!!! :)