Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Good Girlfriends.

Oh man, sitting here editing these photos is making me sad.

Can't believe I'm going to have to leave these girls and these kids. I met them in August (thank you Suz), and now here we are, all the babies have turned one, and we have been through thick and thin together.

Lace, Kel, and Stace, I love you.

And the best part? We took the kids to Mexican Riviera afterward for dinner. What brave women we are. 4 mama, 4 highchairs. The busboys earned their large tip.

(Thanks for taking our pictures, honey.)


Elizabeth said...

*sigh* I'm leaving my mama/kid friends in a few weeks and I am seriously LOST thinking about it. What will I do without them?

Tasha said...

Ahhhhh, what lovely pics. Wow, it seems as if you all have known each other a lifetime. Not just your babies, heehee. Can't imagine what your'e going through.

Susie said...

Lovely photos of the 8 of you, J.

kelly said...

Estoy en Mexico, so the instructions to write this comment are in Spanish. My Spanish is rusty. I miss you!! How are these kids growing so fast??