Friday, July 21, 2006

Blogger issues.

Having MAJOR issues uploading images to blogger. UGH!

But there are ways around everything!

Last weekend was a HOT one, and we are hoping that this one is a little more normal in temperature. But when it was hot, I got some good ones of Alla cooling her behind in her "poo," which of course is her "pool," and she should know, cause she spent the last two weeks becoming a little tadpole in her First Splash class at the Shoreview Community Center.

Pre-pool, trying to get the blind-cords.

In the pool.

I definitely have a thing for those pursed lips.

The current poop face. There's a story here. See, I had the camera. She was naked at this point. (No need to waste a swim diaper on a few minutes of pool time.) I know that looks like a cute face, and it is, but she had just said "poop" and then proceeded to spend the next few minutes squeezing it out. Literally. I saw it coming out. And I caught it in a paper cup. Good mama that I am.

That face.

That's all for now. This is a real pain in all our behinds. So hopefully Blogger will get their act together soon to save us all a headache.


Trice said...

I don't mean to impose on your blog but Alla is adorable. I try to keep up with Alla & the Pigbear... I swear they are the cutest babies.

The poo incident is classic, and a good momma you are for catching that one. Her pursed lips bring out the little dimples in her cheeks to go right along with her locks of love curly hair.

Susie said...

Catching the poo in the cup- wow, I think you win the Mama Award this week.

Love those pierced lips. Maes me want to make some, too. Do you see me? smooch.

erin said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! You go on with your bad self! Sorry for all your blogger issues...don't know what the problem could be.

Megan said...

Great photos. I love those cheeks. I just want to sqeeze her.

A.K. said...

i was going through major withdrawal not seeing any pictures... each day i would check and it was still the beach pictures! sooo glad you got some up! the one of her reachign for the chord is awesome with the lighting and stuff! great work! hope it starts working for ya