Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Photos from our journey.

I am bringing you highlights from the road. It's going to be awhile til we get the house in any kind of photo-taking state, so just bear with me. And for our first photograph...Notice the pen in hand. That's her thing. She must walk about with a pen. And she calls it "My." We have to take the ink out of whatever pen she picks up and must have. Amy and Rich have this great bench in their living room and I was dying to get Al's picture on it. But she just wanted "dow."
They also have a great leather chair, which I thought would make another great shot. Al had a second of fun and then wanted "dow." (Notice most of these photos will take place either at the Shertzer's or somewhere in Monument, because there really wasn't a lot of photo-taking on the road. We seriously got in the 'just get there' mindset.)
She turned 14 months on the road. Here's the official shot.
Seeing friends was wonderful. Little Sarah.
And her best friend, Caroline.
Watching Alla try out her new walking legs was awesome.
The best part of the journey was how much time Ron got to spend with his daughter. No more papers to write, conference calls, group meetings. Just free time for her.
And us. Me and my girl. (Isn't Amy and Rich's couch nice?) :)


erin said...

Love seeing the pictures from your trip here. We miss you guys already!

Hey, I saw in my latest issue of CK that they're having some huge scrapbooking event at the Archivers in Mall of America. Looks like you moved there just in time!

Megan said...

Love the pictures. Looks like you had a good trip out there. Alla is so big. She has definitely matured over you drive. Miss you.

Tasha said...

Loove your pics. Alla is such a big girl. Boy, how time flies.

Amanda Cowan said...

So excited to see some new pics and KNOW that you guys are safe and sound in your new place. Grace is the opposite of Alla about being up on those chairs, benches. She thinks it's great fun to be up on chairs.. she climbs up on EVERYTHING we have now..couches, boxes, chairs, etc.

Amy said...

The only thing missing from those pictures is us! I wish we could have been here to hang out with you, but glad we could provide some good photo shoot backdrops!

tara said...

she is sooooooooo precious!
one day hopefully i will meet her in person!
love that mop of hair!
what a dOLL FACE!
love the pics!

Renee said...

Oh goodness, look how big my lil' niece is getting!! Can't wait until my year starts slowing down so i can come visit you all and lay out on the "beach" lol :)