Sunday, July 30, 2006

Water girl.

This girl would be real happy if she just spent all day long playing in the water. The hose, her sand/water tray, her pool, the hose. Did I say the hose? Cause let's be honest here, she really just wants the hose with water running through it so she can drink the water, spray it in her pool, let it get her belly wet. And she usually ends up with everything else wet, too.

One other thing: this is her pretty girl smile. When you tell her to give it to you, this is what you get. Isn't she lovely?


Megan said...

That is lovely. It almost looks like Jamie's dentist teeth smile. I love seeing her playing with water. I can't get over how long her hair actually is. You don't normally see that with it dry and sticking up everywhere!

Tasha said...

Very, very, very, very, lovely. Did I say very lovely. I love her to pieces and that smile topped it all off. Jada loves that water, too.

tara said...

she is a DOLL face!
love those lips in the first one!!! did i say she is a DOLL>???????!!!!!!

Susie said...

You're girl has got some hair, J! What on earth? I produce baldies apparently. Looks like she's havin' some fun back there!

KMF said...

I think she may get some of that water baby from her uncle Jared. Can't keep him out of it either. hahaha.