Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ten on Tuesday.

Inspired by Susie, I'm doing Ten on Tuesday today. Can't commit to every Tuesday, but I'm glad Susie has. (You have, right, Suz?) Cause sometimes I have ten random things to say.

1. Alla woke up with the drippies: drippy eyes, nose, and drool.

2. The dishwasher guy didn't have to come out after all. He called before he was to show up (and charge me $65), told me to push HI TEMP WASH-HEATED DRY-HI TEMP WASH-HEATED DRY, and sure enough the darn thing reset itself. I am giddy, I tell you. You would never know that I am only 6 weeks into owning a dishwasher. Using a real plate for dinner tonight - thrilling.

3. Today I finished my mango from Costco. Yum. If I were rich I'd buy a pack of it every other day. Just for me. Oh, wait, it's just for me now. I don't share.

4. It's still light outside.

5. I need a haircut. Luckily, Susan told me about Juut Salon so I can get this mop trimmed.

6. I am so thankful for Tara and Ashby. Alla loves her some Ashby, and Tara has been keeping me afloat in this new life.

7. How is it the exact middle of August already? We'll be on Christmas countdown before you know it.

8. Yesterday Alla recognized Elmo on a friend's daughter's diaper. She pointed to the Elmo on her diapered butt and said, "Elmo."

9. My daughter's latest sign is "clean." Not that she is ever, well, clean.

10. Alla is getting into dress-up. Mostly just this red velvet headband and purse from Aunty Loey but she generally will put anything with a handle on her arm and say to you, "Buh Bye!" very enthusiastically, like she really means to go somewhere.


tara said...

oh man that alla sounds like such a "stitch"LOL!

Megan said...

Nice ten things to talk about. Alla looks nice all dressed up. Ready for boys, right?

Paula said...

so darn adorable!...missing you guys back in Cali!

Susie said...

Look at that cute girl- all stylish :)
I can't believe you referred to your gorgeous locks as a mop. Never put those two words in the same sentence again, agreed?
(no, not committed to every Tuesday, but like maybe every other?)

Amy said...

I'm impressed you could capture all 10 of your random thoughts at once--my brain seems to only hold onto 3-4 at a time! Always a pleasure to check in on the Killins, so keep those posts coming!

Tasha said...

Alla is so cute. I absolutely looooove her.

Trice said...

Ok.. Dress up is fun. At least she is color coordinating. I am going to use your top 10 idea on my blog.