Thursday, August 10, 2006

What 98 cents will buy you.

It will buy you this darling hat from Target that you could not put down once you put it on her head. It will not, however, get you even close to her sitting still in it. Not for one little picture.

If you spend $2.99, you get this darling baby doll that we had to get her lest she steal Ashby's forever. This one apparently will do. It even has those eyes that close when the baby lays down and open when she gets up. First thing Alla asks for in the morning, after 'na na na na na na,' is 'baaaay-beeee.' Sure thing, sweetness.
If you spend $2.98 a pound, you will discover when you have eaten almost the very last cherry, that she likes them. Wonder of wonders. The child that likes only dip dip and ice likes cherries. (No her mouth isn't bleeding. Though she is cutting molars right now.)

More cherries, mama.
Again, sure thing.


Megan said...

I personally like the cherry juice on her little forehead. That is a sure sign that she likes what she is eating!

Trice said...

I love the photo in the hat although she wouldn't sit still.

Susie said...

For sure, she's taking up tennis in that adorable hat! I just received a catalog of Halloween costumes and was wondering how they got such perfect shots of toddlers in those costumes and hats and wigs and such. They must be photoshopped in- no way they got those cute kids to pose WITH the head gear on!