Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ten on Tuesday.

1. A barn spider had been taking up residence on our sliding glass door for the past few days. Built quite an impressive web. A few times. Ron learned last night (Oh the wonder of the internet) that they eat their web when it gets messy (neat little things), and then build anew. Unfortunately we went out back after dinner so that pretty much destroyed the web. Sorry little guy. Feel free to come back.

2. Today I noticed a beautiful garnet-colored bloom on the marigold plant from the neighbors.

3. Three days til Nana & Pappi come! Hello, date night!

4. It was a balmy 72 degrees here today, blue skies shinin' on me.

5. Why do I have a Target list every week? I literally feel the need to go there at least once a week and it takes waaaaay too long to get the 5 things I usually need. On today's list: pork tenderloin, big crayolas (thanks, Amanda), black printer ink, a lightbulb, and a cheese grater. And I did, of course, pick up some 50% off clothes for Miss Al for next spring/summer. Why isn't clothes shopping as easy for me?

6. Found a cool website: a sketch for $1.

7. I'm selling a few things on ebay. Thanks for the encouragement, Miss Erin.

8. Alla pulled at my nose today and said "pretty." She didn't do it again, so I have no idea what the heck she meant by that. She might have said, "potty."

9. We need some artwork for over our fireplace. Any good ideas?

10. I need something framed for over my bedside dresser. Any ideas?

Happy Tuesday, all.


Amy said...

Erin has me turned onto eBay salesmanship, too. So far I've got 3 bids on auctions that don't end until next Saturday!! Also, check out Overstock.com for artwork. . . they have tons of stuff and you might find a steal--or be inspired to replicate something yourself!

erin said...

I say blow up your favorite shot of Alla...11x14 is a nice size...I've got two of the Pigbear waiting to be framed and hung above our bed.

And can I just say that I CANT BELIEVE all the teeth in that girl's head...WOW!


Amanda Cowan said...

Okay..the crayons, the ink, the cheese grater and the lightbulbs..totally get that you would go to Target for that.. but pork tenderloin? Do you have a special Target there? I've seen Target Greatlands..but didn't know their grocery section was that extensive..

Samantha said...

Duh! Some of your gorgeous photography, obviously!

tara said...

ummmmmm gorgeous photos of alla over the fireplace!

Susie said...

I get a "talkin'" to about the weekly Target trips around here.

Megan said...

Where did all those teeth come from?

Trice said...

Alla looks adorable as usual. I put B into bargin shopper. Old navy, gap, and dillards have great sales on adult and childrens clothing all of the time. Be sure not to forget the labor day sales this weekend. =)
I have a list daily, however when I get to the store I end up looking for scrapbooking items or socks.