Sunday, October 15, 2006

Another farm.

So we hit up another farm. I tell you, these Minnesotans really know how to have a good time. Especially when it comes to kids. This pumpkin experience was like no other. When was the last time you saw a pumpkin cannon? Or had a llama let you (he practically asked me to) take his picture? [yes i do have a photo of a llama that i've been trying to add here all night]

Or had your daughter get so excited to see a real live rooster that she chased him halfway under the fence and then got scared half to death when her daddy grabbed her in the nick of time? (I know it looks like she's just standing there, but she was on the move.)
Really, though, it was all about the goats. Alla could have sat right here the whole day.

Here we are coming down the speedway. Mommy wasn't that fast. The guy and his kid behind us were much more experienced. Probably natives.

You think when you're a parent you will abhor cheesy signs that say "How Tall This Fall" because your own parents made you stand in front of every single gosh darn silly sign on every single vacation ever, but no. I loved it. In spite of all my wishes that Alla would never get bigger, this sign made me a teensy bit excited for next year, just so I can say to my husband, My how she's grown. [been trying to upload this photo all night]

What trip to the patch wouldn't be complete without bringing home one of our very own to carve at a later date? Alla picked out two teensy ones of her own to hug all the way home. [been trying to upload this photo all night, too]

And just in case you didn't know how to soothe a baby doll, this is how you do it: hold her very tight, pat her on the back, and shhhhhhhhhhhhushhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Megan said...

Looks like you had fun. I can't get over how big Alla is getting. Can't wait to see the pumpkins!

A.K. said...

what a great day! love the picture of her and her baby!

tara said...

so glad you are getting out there and embracing the seasons and new place!
yes, us midwesterners know how to do the PATCH LOL!
and the apples!!!!!!!

Tasha said...

OH how fun....I'm so glad you guys are living it up in Minne. Hope to see your un-uploaded pics. Alla is such a doll.

erin said...

J - too bad you can't fly back to bumkins would fit in beautifully at Sarah's "down on the farm" party!!