Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I am addicted to the Ginger Almond Cashew Granola from TJ's. You'd think crystallized ginger in granola would be utterly filthy. Not so. Divine.

2. Watching any good shows this season? We are loving Heroes and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

3. 50 degrees is very warm weather, relatively speaking.

4. 2006 was really the year I became a coffee drinker. Like the must have it every morning kind.

5. Our leaves are not falling yet, since I've been asked that question. Just starting to turn.

6. I fear when we return from our vacation at the end of the month, our tree will be very far along and winter will have set in. (Nope, 50 degrees is not winter.)

7. I love to run. I'm so appreciating it now that it's cold and wet sometimes and there's no guarantee we'll get out. So when we can, we go.

8. With the bushels of apples we've gotten lately, I have been a crisp-making fool. I even have apples measured out in the freezer, ready to pop into the oven for a crisp.

9. As I type Alla is counting the groceries in her shopping cart (thanks, Vuoso's!). I'm sure she has more than five, but she's pretty excited about counting to five so I'll let it slide.

10. Haven't showed a video in awhile so enjoy this one. It might be my favorite. More doll baby goodness. The script goes something like this: hug hug hug...careful head...careful head...hand...laugh...sleeping sleeping table...shhhhh...quiet quiet. Love her.


Megan said...

LOVE the video. I miss you guys so much. Great 10 on Tuesday.

erin said...

Oh do I love that!

Look at her examine the fingers and toes so lovingly...probably the same way you did to her when she was born and you stretched her out and looked at her for the first time.

Girl, that is too sweet.

Amy said...

Our first big snow last night--we've got about 6" on the deck this morning! It'll probably be 60 and sunny tomorrow, though! I imagine once your winter sets in, it's there to stay for months. . .