Monday, October 02, 2006

Maple Mondays: Week Four.

Nope. No color yet. Some other maples around town are gorgeous, but I have it from a reliable source that at least one of those needs some work in the spring. Ours must be so healthy strong and wants to have the last leaves standing.

But, lest you think that our neighborhood has no color at all, this is our next-door-neighbors' tree. All around us the street is full of leaves spilling out from neighbors' trees, and many of them spent all weekend raking. Ah, what we have to look forward to. Only thing is, we will be doing it in 30 degree weather, whereas the neighbors were raking in 80 degree weather yesterday. Not quite sure which is better, but I'm glad we're still obviously a few weeks from that.

Happy Monday all!


Megan said...

Yay, I have been checking all day to see Maple Monday. Glad to see you have a healthy tree at least! Can't wait to see the color on it.

Tasha said...

Fall is in the air!!! Soooo excited!

Amy said...

Snow 2 weeks ago, almost 80 degrees and sunny this past weekend--gotta love the Colorado fall! Hopefully Minnesota isn't quite so moody. At least you do have the wonderful colors that make it undeniably fall.

suethomas40 said...

Too funny about your neighbor raking in 80 degree weather. Who knows which way the wind will be blowing when your leaves come off. It may be your neighbor who is raking a second time - lol! Always love catching up on your blog!