Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Feel of Morning.

I spend a lot of time lamenting the lack of light here, and here in the house. That we don't have wall to wall glass and sunshine. But lately, inspired by 3191, I've been embracing the light here. Because it's very moody, and that's a nice thing to see in your shots. To know, that one was taken in morning light. So here are a few happy morning shots, and with that, I'm out. Two days til I'm thirty, and only a few hours til the plane takes us away to Redondo and friends and family and big kisses.

That's one happy whistlin' RED teapot I got there, thanks to Ronald:)


Susie said...

i thimk that red teapot needs an identical twin sister in san diego. I'm off to send a hint to Andrew.

praying for safe travels for you (and alla and ron, too) :)

Megan said...

Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Have a safe flight.