Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ten on Tuesday: The Going Back to Cali Edition.

Otherwise known as things I'm super excited for.

1. Blueberry Pomegranate Tea Latte (and I hear it's supposed to be cool enough for a hot one).

2. The King Harbor sign. The things you Redondoans take for granted.

3. Strand walks.

4. Veteran's Park.

5. A manicure and pedicure (yeah KT!)

6. My thirtieth.

7. Alla's face when she sees her friends and family.

8. My face when I see my friends and family!

9. Rubbing some pregnant bellies.

10. Feeling very full of all of you very-missed-ones.


Megan said...

We are SOOO excited for you to be visiting as well. The girls talk about you coming and Peanut kicks-probably a coincidence but it is still funny. Can't wait to see you!!

Tasha said...

JJ it's so exciting that you are coming back to the beach land. I hope you have lots of fun. And happy early one. My b-day alarm already gave me my first reminder of your big day. Take lots of pics as if you are a tourist. Can't wait to see the look of Alla's face as she remembers her friends. You gotta capture that.

Amy said...

Have a great trip! I miss the King Harbor sign, too. It was always so great coming down to visit you on Catalina Ave!

A.K. said...

have so much fun! can't wait to see pictures and hear about all the great times and memories you have with everyone!