Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Please take a moment to go look at our weather forecast. Now take a moment to flip off the weather forecast.

(OK, now that I have that out of my system, let's move on.)

2. What a cool article I came across today written by a woman who nursed her daughter way beyond infancy. I'm certain this will be similar to Alla's eventual weaning. I cringe just typing that word, though.

3. I came across said article on Apartment Therapy: The Nursery. This site rocks.

4. I am taking lots of pictures. Taking pictures everyday. Just not taking time to edit them, post them, etc. Busy busy. But I'm not sure with what.

5. About to finish this up and head over to the television for American Idol. I can hardly bear it. What on earth is going on with that show?

6. Her favorite color is blue.

7. She says nope.

8. I know I've mentioned Rolla. Baby. She loves her baby. Goes nowhere without her. Sleeps with her. Plays with her. Sings to her. Tells her stories. Gets her blankets, wraps her up and kisses her.

9. Lately it's Baby fall down. Baby cry. Baby sad. No tears, baby. Shhhh, it's okay, Baby. I love you.
10. I love these two.


Megan said...

It makes sense that Alla says nope. Mazie and Jamie say nope because you say it. It's funny how they pick up things that you don't even realize you do or say!

Susie said...

Hey, I know someone that's loves her babies, too...

Marie said...

i hear ya on the weather...boo.