Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I bet you didn't have to explain to your almost two-year-old daughter today that bananas don't have vaginas.

2. After that conversation, I indulged her rhinoceros have to go to work ideas.
3. Playing hide and seek with Daddy at the park:

5. Alla about flipped her lid at Walgreen's this morning over a 3-for-$11.99 baby doll stroller. Like the kind of crying cause she wasn't going to get it where I have to tell her to breathe.

6. Maybe she'll be a soccer star. Watch out Mia Hamm.

7. Nine days? Is that all I have left of ONE?

8. Should have gotten a sandbox last summer instead of a sand & water table because I've been catching her climbing up onto the table to sit in it.

9. Her favorite word? NO. (No laughing, Mom.)

10. She's just so happy that the weather is park-worthy. I couldn't tell her when the snow melts and the sun comes out and warms everything up and dries everything out too much longer.

Fair warning: next Tuesday's Ten may very well be mushy gushy due to the impending birthday.


Megan said...

Bananas with vaginas, huh? Interesting conversations the two of you must share! I think 2 is the magic age where "NO" is the favorite word for ALL kids. Sometimes it comes back!

chicolovesmariah said...

Banana's don't have vaginas?